Getting High

by Jonathan Burks



cover art by Nathan Mayer


released November 10, 2017

Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Didier Leplae at Mathwiz Music Studio
Mastered by David Gelting

Song, Guitar and Voice - Jonathan Burks
Tuba, Trombone and Trumpet - David Cusma
Drums - Nathan Kilen
Guitar - Didier Leplae




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

here's some pro tips:

1) Keep a scream journal. Scream into a camera or microphone at least once a day. Any word or sound will work. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" seems to work for me.

2) Dance for 5 minutes daily. Dance on the way to the bathroom or kitchen. Dance as ugly as you can.

3) Make funny faces. Sit in front of a mirror and get strange.
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Track Name: Exit Strategy
Exit Strategy

leaves are getting thin
out there on the limb
you can see the landscape
in all its naked heartache

full force of the wind
cutting thru my chin
sand of my glass jaw
rolling thru the back door

mind on the prize
nose to the grind
head in the clouds
boat on the brine
I'm owning this moment
victory is mine
hands on the plow
toes on the line

moving on what's next
charging up my steps
goosebumps are my map quest
follow my excitement

shattered like a glass floor
picking up my slack jaw
no stitch left to hem haw
you don’t get what you don’t ask for

resistance is fertile
friction grows the flame
furrows on my brow
glisten with gasoline

the tiger needs an eyepatch
since I grabbed my groove back
goddamn I got a deep scratch
nothing gonna salve that
Track Name: Holding Pattern
Holding Pattern

lately my mouth don't do nothing but whine
need to sharpen the edge of my battle cry
I got one foot rooted in the mess I'm in
and the other one moving on, I'm spreading thin

blade to the path, I don't chiromance 
got a read on the backside of the task at hand
I'm catching lumps taking it on the chin
most times where you're at aint where you're trying to get

I fall to pieces like Humpty Dump
the hunch in my back is packed with psychic junk
I'm sweeping up, sorting wants and needs
I aint trying to keep what don't fit up my sleeve

rebuilding the backend, updating the code
rearranging the furniture up in my dome
I'm YouTubing yoga, stretching my limbs
expanding my reach till I'm handling it

drop a line in the water, you catch a boot sometimes
resistance and dead weight are not too hard to find
fish in a barrel aint no fun to eat
I'm seven seas deep, harpoon tucked in my teeth 

a head that's liquid got some give
what slips through the cracks parts for the fin
flash in the pan evaporate quick
it's the grease on the grill that makes the fire stick
Track Name: Motivational Blues
Motivational Blues

I got nothing left to take that won't fit on my frame
I've given it all away
I aint holding nothing but a guitar and a song
and a little something something hey hey

I don't want what can't fit in my lungs
give me some room to breathe and a bit of that indica

meow super trooper I'm a real Roto-Rooter
chewing thru till I get unstuck
dirt in my teeth, chasing grit with elbow grease
got a gullet full of sticks and mud

I'm going to bite off more than I can chew
that's how you find out just what you can get thru

I aint sitting on my hands, no if buts or ands
I aint praying on my knees
getting down to work, inspiration is for jerks
the muse aint the boss of me

I'm going to try and fail and fail and try some more
until I get at that getting at I'm searching for

hot to the touch, got a bug in my rump
busting hump every day
luck is for chumps, these hands fist pump
my fingers don't cross they bang

I don't want what I didn't earn
that candle's got more surface to burn 
Track Name: Off the Stone
one grain at a time
lifting weight from the stone
giving up to the wind 
what ain't mine to hold
can't tip the slope of the hill
got to lessen the load

tectonic plates
ain't got nothing on me
rearranging my face
grinding glacially 
where I'm at right now
ain't where I'm going to be

roll away the moss
motion shakes off debris
everything you lost
is something that you don't need
sometimes getting crushed
is just getting free

every step of the way
every bend of the fold
I'm breaking skin
crawling out of my mold
I ain't the same as I was before
what I am right now 
tomorrow won't be no more
Track Name: Paid

piss and moan don't get nothing grown
aint no way around the work
I'm up to my teeth in foiled schemes
keeping my mouth free of dirt

two steps back aint nothing jack
but a running start
9 to 5's getting me by
while I commoditize my heart

I wanna get paid
gonna grab me a slice
they say money don't buy everything
but it buy everything I like

row my boat against the flow 
common sense aint my friend 
if I had a lick I would take the hint 
and hang up my pen

but I'm a stubborn man
gonna lay down tracks till my craft catches wind
if you don't hoist that mainsail 
you aint gonna do nothing much but drift

I don't rock no bling, that aint my thing
I don't roll with rent round my neck
I'm living like a king on some rice and beans
bouncing from check to check

pinching pennies and dimes for some studio time
my head aint getting less thick
I do it for the art, because it's from the heart
but you can't eat a 7" split
Track Name: Punching Trees
Punching Trees

bound to crack some eggs when you're hatching plan
I'm breaking dirty, I got hatchet hands
there's more than one way to get across
I'm riding backdraft, tossing matches like a boss

small mind fit inside small frame
hanging big picture on the walls of my brain
adjust the angle of the view
till the colors pop and the sound rings true

ear to the ground, rumble pulling me down the road
that siren song got me locked in like Hypnotoad
moving forward, I've gathered my wits
they're tied up in a kerchief at the end of a stick

how lucid is the dream
how tight is the stitch of the seam
there's glue in everything
there aint no meant to be

carving a fit for my frequency in the mix
high pass the mud, notch filter my niche 
eyes peeled, poised to grab the glitch
010 01 get it in

feet in my shoes and a new attitude
abide like The Dude when life gets rude
I'm punching trees, gathering building blocks
plucking the fruit of hard knocks

pockets in my clothes
holes in my prose
songbird takes (absorbing) life from the worm in the rose
I'm building flight (getting light) off the meat of the blight
toss my view my view like a kite to catch a higher sight
Track Name: Tool

getting dirty and down to work
hands underneath the hood
frontal lobe ‘neath my fingernails
d.i.y. I don’t knock on wood

I might be out of luck 
but I ain't afraid of rut
every valley’s got peaks
I might never get out this crevice
but it won’t be 'cause I didn’t reach

you can give off heat
or take it away
you can be the radiator
or the drain

haters don’t say nothing but nay
it’s the only phrase they know
I’m trying to keep my head moving
on a different kind of flow

this aint no cruise ship, if you aint moving
get out and push
bound to get your feet wet some
get on little doggie mush

stop motion couldn’t capture this slow growth
I’m plugging along
hard to take in the scope of momentum
when the arch is so long

early bird catches the worm
early worm wiggles off of the hook
I’m writhing like a snake in the ocean
dancing ‘round every rule in the book
Track Name: Upper Cut

struggling to find my place
these clumsy hands can't catch no break
hustling, too dumb too quit
guess some folks aint got no sense

nothing left to do
chin up and punch through

feeling anything but whole
busted, every kind of broke
the pieces shift, can't get a grip
never been quite this over it

hard rain filling up the boat
best laid plans don't always float
the tide just rips, it don't rise or lift
20,000 leagues sitting on my chest