getting dirty and down to work
hands underneath the hood
frontal lobe ‘neath my fingernails
d.i.y. I don’t knock on wood

I might be out of luck 
but I ain't afraid of rut
every valley’s got peaks
I might never get out this crevice
but it won’t be 'cause I didn’t reach

you can give off heat
or take it away
you can be the radiator
or the drain

haters don’t say nothing but nay
it’s the only phrase they know
I’m trying to keep my head moving
on a different kind of flow

this aint no cruise ship, if you aint moving
get out and push
bound to get your feet wet some
get on little doggie mush

stop motion couldn’t capture this slow growth
I’m plugging along
hard to take in the scope of momentum
when the arch is so long

early bird catches the worm
early worm wiggles off of the hook
I’m writhing like a snake in the ocean
dancing ‘round every rule in the book


from Getting High, released November 10, 2017




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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I post a song once a week on Tuesdays. If I've just finished a song I'll record a rough demo and put it up. Sometimes its live recordings or weird electro collages. I also make a video most weeks using public domain footage. Check it out!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my music!

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