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That's All Folks

by Jonathan Burks

Gone 02:02
up on through the stratosphere all kinds of out of here going fast, going bright anywhere out of sight going going gone a swing, a kiss, electric crack ozone whiff, no looking back up and off with no trace no words, no mouth, no face going going gone cicadas cheer the broken night a plague of wings, a dronning blight whistle while you work I guess they grind you down till there’s no song left no regrets, no looking back saddled to a future past buckle up it’s ride or die onward into the great divide going going gone
Not Today 02:44
you done some good, you done some bad you couldn’t quite see just what you had it’s alright, it’s ok you’ll get yourself another chance but not today you shed some tears, you had some laughs every good party got multiple acts it’s alright, it’s ok you might get that fairytale ending but not today you dreamed real big, your dream wasn’t wrong but the things that you did, didn’t bring the dream on it’s alright, it’s ok you’ll figure it out but not today falling apart, loosing my shit can’t no longer tell which what is which it’s alright, it’s ok you’ll pick up the pieces and fit ‘em back some kind of way
Y2k, 1999 2012, alright alright out of nowhere, so it goes two thumbs down, I got some notes these dang ol end times it’s a bad time everybody’s going nuts welcome welcome friends to the club a glitch or something there must be can we get a different algorithm please these dang ol end times man it’s a bad time it aint a good time change is hard, change is good changes for the better, knock on wood spun up and spun out, holy jeeze I only hope we don’t land on our knees these dang ol end times man it’s a bad time it aint a good time dang ol end times
Visitation 01:31
A sweet freckled play of light dancing on my darkened mind a little riff of poetry hot stepping all over me a crazy wind of hope and love out of nowhere just because may it catch your sail and fill the emptiness that seems so real she took my hand, she broke my sight shook my vision till all was light I been a bit blind ever since wrestling shadows and vague images through the static up from the haze you catch the beat of a passing frame clues to the big reveal charging up my every feel
so long, good luck see ya later, bye-bye that’s all folks, so long good luck, goodnight entropy is king aint nothing sticking ‘round that’s all folks, so long good luck goodnight adios, sayonara, see ya later peace-out, aloha, bye-bye all directions leaving nothing pointing home that’s all folks, so long good luck, goodnight adios, sayonara, see you later be safe, shalom, bye-bye entropy is king aint nothing sticking ‘round that’s all folks, so long good luck, goodnight be safe, so long good luck, goodnight


I started writing these songs back in July. I'm going to add to this album as I go along, hopefully finishing it up by the end of the year. It'll probably be a pretty short album, 7 or 8 songs. I don't think I'm going to do a ton of production on these, probably keep it just guitar and vocals.

*April 4th, 2021 - update*

There were 3 additional songs I wrote with this batch of material. I recorded them in the form of an audio Tweet just after Christmas. They are included as bonus items in the album. I intended to re-record them proper but I don't think that's going to happen at this point. As of today they are still pinned to my Twitter timeline if you want to check them out.


released November 6, 2020

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Jonathan Burks




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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