God Talk

by Jonathan Burks



released October 26, 2011

engineered and mixed by Dave Gelting at his house. produced by Dave Gelting and Jonathan Burks.

piano on 'God Talk' - Dan Type
Rhodes on 'Roll and Tumble' - Nick Westfahl

Heidi Spencer sings on 'All Alone'

Dave played pretty much everything else except vocals and rhythm guitar.

photo by Erik Ljung




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

here's some pro tips:

1) Keep a scream journal. Scream into a camera or microphone at least once a day. Any word or sound will work. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" seems to work for me.

2) Dance for 5 minutes daily. Dance on the way to the bathroom or kitchen. Dance as ugly as you can.

3) Make funny faces. Sit in front of a mirror and get strange.
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Track Name: God Talk
I don't want no god talk at my funeral
Jesus is alright but he aint my main man
it's all of ya'll whom I love so dearly
it's you alone who made me what I am

god is good but god made me faulty
it's you alone who made me so good
send me off in flames hot and rowdy
don't you bury me in no box of wood

I don't want no sad songs at my funeral
I sing 'em now but I won't need 'em then
sing about them pastures of plenty
sing about how that circle never ends

and I don't want no crying at my funeral
but if you must, fill a cup up with wine
and take a drink for every drop that falls
and know that you are a friend of mine

I don't want no god talk at my funeral
if you must read something, quote some Tortilla Flat
and let all my fucked up friends know I'm so thankful
it's you alone who made me what good I am
Track Name: Roll and Tumble
I'm gonna roll and tumble baby, stumble through every town
gonna romp and ramble 'till my name gets around
I'll be doing this 'till I'm 76 no doubt
at least until these old planks and beams give out
I was born to ramble, I was born to step and stroll
don't you think about me honey, when I go

I got ants in my pants, toes up in my sox
I got a heart that's aching like a big beat that just won't stop
I'll be doing this 'till I'm 76 for sure
head in the clouds and my feet all up in the dirt
I was born to ramble, I was born to step and stroll
don't ya think about me honey, when I go
Track Name: Mean Red Blues
my thumb is not green or steeped in earth
I keep on turning over leaf after leaf
but can't seem to keep my feet in the dirt
I sew my oats but them winds they blow
leaving nothing but the furrows and the folds

mean, mean red blues
some aches aint got no shape or face to pin too
some pain aint meant to be soothed
lord I got them mean red blues

if debt were satisfaction I wouldn't have me none
I'd be free and clear as a bounced check, as a banker on the run
as it stands I'm sitting here in the black
whole lot of nothing burning holes in my pants

happiness is just a state of mind
but mine can't seem to stay in between those state lines
I stop at every toll and pay my dues
seems like every road is only passing through
Track Name: Holes
feeling wet and washed up
on the shores of ho-hum
bound for glory bound and gaged
my tongues a butter knife it seems
these days it aint cutting nothing but wonder bread
wondering how I can muster some bread
to get me the means
to spread myself where I choose and please
sew my oats like a wool-knit sweater
to keep me warm in this cold cold weather
suppose by now I should know better
things tend to unravel in windy weather
the bag I'm in cold and damp
is wearing thin, exposing glass
fist shaped muscle forged from sand
filling up the empty hand
that's reaching out to grab
the stubborn edges of the looking glass
flowers bloom with every shard
plucked from fingers and guitars
the healing scent of feelings wrenched
from a vague sense of loneliness
gaps and flaws in character and script
paint the terrain of who we is

the holes are where the light gets in
light is framed by night and sin
lord won't you forgive me please
for living this life you gave to me

sailing on a ragged wind
fueled by breath of maggot end
we squirm and pray and play and fight
heaving on the shores of life
gnawing on the serpents tail
pennies get laid upon the rail
wishes spread thin with hot heat of motion
leaving nothing but a blurry notion
in the flush face of drunken dance
we kiss the lips of circumstance
rosy cheeks ripe with the night
receive the fruit dark and divine
stars cut and poke the sky
letting in the finish line
gaps and flaws in character and script
turn the pages of where we been

the holes are where the light gets in
light is framed by night and sin
lord won't you forgive me please
for living this life you gave to me
Track Name: Confidence
please forgive this artistic temperament
I'm gifted
a megalomaniac with no self confidence
I'm shifty
ego ping-ponging between extremes
I aint shit
I am the shit
thin line between pretentiousness
and a sense of self worthlessness

I have my way with words
and they have their way with me
they play me like a strum
leave me daft and dumb
I work my lips and tongue
until my mouth and mind are numb
still they won't come
innuendo out the word hole
burrow into mole hills
make mountains out of nothing
just to climb up to something
feeling fun and frisky
laid back like frisbee
let's toss some love around
Track Name: Scientific Method
good ol' Bucky Fuller in 1934
built a car that ran on 3 wheels
it sat 10 people it was 21 feet long
shaped like a teardrop
it ran like a song
it got 30 to 40 miles to the galloon
unfortunately, efficiency at that time was not in fashion
there was no money to be made
in making things efficient
70 years later
science still sits backseat to big business
we got the means to do more than dream
of a better way of living
the future aint even there to see
if we aint first got the vision

I'm praying to the scientific method
gravity tends to teach a heavy lesson

sometimes I feel like a triangle in a square world
once in a while our sides intersect
but they mostly run parallel
I try to keep my mind well rounded
free of right and wrong angles
my star spangle is Star Trekish
world unity is my patriotic fetish
I salute the flag of the human nation
pray to the god of evolution
come on people we gots to grow up faster
going against each other is oh so passe
displaying my heart on my sleeve
cut me and blood I will bleed
red, white, and blue
and every other color too
Track Name: All Alone
the sun it sets and then does shine
in some other patch of sky
here we sit neath friendly dome
hand in hand all alone

all alone
all alone
so it goes
all alone

your my friend great and good
until the end, knock on wood
arm in arm down the road
in between all alone

when we get to where we go
there's a hand, there's a home
until then here we stroll
all around all alone