WSP_0229_Beta Blues

from by Jonathan Burks


I filmed this about 20 minutes after getting up this morning. Drinking some tea, going over the game plan for todays WSP, I decided to record this song immediately while I had the impulse. I didn't realize my sweatshirt and the sheet over the chair were the same hue. Combined with the off-kilter of my sweatshirt, it look like I'm wearing a giant Snuggy. I promise I am not wearing a giant Snuggy. And I am not secretly a blue turtle. Just a trick of the camera.


better bet on yourself, don't let no one tell you how to do
people love to pin you in the limits of their little view
the future is an unknown can't nobody say no sooth

you gotta be a skeptic but don't let it rhyme with excuse
it's hard work finding the good sometimes aint that the truth
there's a lot you can't change but something's always up to you

you don't get what you want, you get what you get
if your minds locked down you won't see no openings
aint nothing for certain, many ways of getting it

cut your own path, build a home to house your highest truth
there's a lot you can't change, other stuff is up to you
what you see is what you get, better reinvent your point of view

pivot or press on, iterate out them beta blues
that legacy frame aint no longer serving you
version on up, get on that you point two


from Weekly Song Post, track released October 17, 2017




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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