WSP_0201_Lower Coast

from by Jonathan Burks



headed down south I've got some time and money to burn
I'm gonna dip down and get a bit further from her
the women around here are cold, I'm going where it never snow
need a sea change I'm dropping to that lower coast

I'm from the midwest, got a pinched nose on my drawl
within three days I'll be talking like all of ya'll
I'm going to get that Southern gait in my stride
I got a Southern woman on my mind

it's been many years, been many moons
I'm still kicking round that sun cooked image of you
on a beach in the southeast of my youth
I was wilder then, so were you

it's been a long time I know that you're not around
still I'm gonna breeze thru a couple of our favorite haunts
gonna ghost when I seen all I care to see
just like I did you, like she did me

I'm going down south I got my tail between my legs
I'm gonna cut off my beard and try on a different face
the women round here are cold, I'm going where it never snow
I need a sea change, I'm dropping to that lower coast


from Weekly Song Post, released September 1, 2014




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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