WSP_0165_Paid [Circle A]

from by Jonathan Burks



recorded live at Circle A on Saturday March 5th, 2016


piss and moan don't get nothing grown
aint no way around the work
I'm up to my teeth in soiled schemes
trying to keep my mouth free of dirt

two steps back aint nothing jack
but a running start
9 to 5's breaking my stride
might as well commoditize my heart

I wanna get paid
gonna grab me a slice
they say money don't buy everything
but it buy everything I like

row my boat against the flow
common sense aint my friend
if I had a lick I would take the hint
and hang up my pen

but I'm a stubborn man
gonna lay down tracks till my craft catches wind
if you don't hoist that mainsail
you aint gonna do nothing much but drift

I don't rock no bling, that aint my thing
I don't roll with rent round my neck
I'm living like a king on some rice and beans
bouncing from check to check

pinching pennies and dimes for some studio time
my head aint getting less thick
I do it for the art, because it's from the heart
but you can't eat a 7" split


from Weekly Song Post, released September 1, 2014
performed by Jonathan Burks, Nathan Kilen, David Cusma, and Didier Leplae




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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