WSP_0006_Dolphin Song [Linneman's]

from by Jonathan Burks



when I was in South Carolina, took a boat trip across the water
it was there that we saw some dolphins that were propagating
the captain informed us that dolphins do three things
they make love, they play and they eat

I want to be a dolphin swimming in the sea
nothing to do all day but make love play and eat
I want to be a dolphin, yep that's the life for me
goodbye human race, I'm heading off to sea

because dolphins are mammals they have to breath air
so when they are making love to be on the bottom just wouldn't be fair
so when they are copulating, to keep one of them from suffocating
another dolphin has to rotate em and that makes three

some fools think humans are the most advanced race on the planet
but how can that be?
the way that dolphins live makes more sense to me
you can keep the guns, racism, wars and even T.V.
I'm putting on my scuba gear and heading out to sea


from Weekly Song Post, released September 1, 2014




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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