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Service Industry School

from Loudmouth Soup by Jonathan Burks



tipping is not for cows and it aint a city in China
it's also not an option when you dine out
hey there Mr. Pink it's you not the service that stinks
I think we need mandatory service industry school

I work for 2 bucks an hour
you don't like your clam chowder
I'll get you something else sir
or take if off your bill if you'd prefer
'no thanks I'll just eat this'
and be a passive aggressive dick
god damn we need mandatory service industry school

why you wanna give me a dirty look
aint you glad you don't have to cook
anyway aint we all just trying to get by
every time that you shit on me
you dig another foot deep
into the special hell where your soul will forever burn

I'd really like to pelt ya
with the change that ya left me fella
hell I'm just trying to make some rent
thanks a bunch for the 53 cents
I get taxed on all of my sales
so I just payed for part of your meal
for real we need mandatory service industry school

you wouldn't be swelling up with so much pride
if I could speak my mind
I am sorry I spilled your wine
but gravity happens sometimes
aint you ever had a bad day
well mine aint going so great
for heaven's sake we need mandatory service industry school

wouldn't that be cool
if we had mandatory service industry school


from Loudmouth Soup, track released January 1, 2010
jonathan burks




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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