Night Advances

from Bones of the Tree by Jonathan Burks



once upon a time, sailing on a big ship
watching the waves strip the moon from the sky
a young man was sitting on a moon beam
sipping from a blue dream, killing time
a million starry eyed revelations
were twitching nervous like a neon sign
the night advances

standing on a pale dim doorstep
sleeping on porches, summertime
a desperate and lonely hilltop
a southern truckstop, hitching rides
the sound of a baby rabbit screaming
crow feeds its wings as day turns to night
the night advances

searching for a halo and a moonbeam
following a hollow dripping, thick and low
seeking out God's sick revelations
mental patients, a pack of smokes
the beauty and the sorrow
pale tomorrows come and go


from Bones of the Tree, track released January 1, 2006




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

here's some pro tips:

1) Keep a scream journal. Scream into a camera or microphone at least once a day. Any word or sound will work. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" seems to work for me.

2) Dance for 5 minutes daily. Dance on the way to the bathroom or kitchen. Dance as ugly as you can.

3) Make funny faces. Sit in front of a mirror and get strange.
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