Garbage Picking Man

from by Jonathan Burks



I'm a garbage picking man
I do it every chance i can
I love to dumpster dive no doubt about it
and I never ever feel ashamed
in fact I think it's kinda brave
making use of what people waste and proud of it

found a pair of Nike tennis shoes
and a jacket from Sacs 5th Avenue
found a pair of handmade leather sandals made in Brazil
found a box of Mac n' Cheese
and a pot to cook it in
i even found a stove to heat it with

cooked a pumpkin we found and had a feast
we even toasted the seeds
burned some candles
and listened to an album that we also found
now this one you wont believe
it was my favorite find of the season
found a 12 pack of Fosters beer
and down the alley I was drinking

it's not that hard to do
put on a pair of walking shoes
plug your nose and swallow your pride
and you'll find something of use
I don't do my shopping at the mall
or even over the internet
I go where the prices are right
in the alleys of the East Side


from Bones of the Tree, track released January 1, 2006




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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