You and Me

from by Jonathan Burks



you gotta beg, you gotta bow
you gotta bite you're lip and kowtow
they pink slip, they straight trip
knock you down a peg every chance they get
the game is fixed, seven-ten split
man, that's the only way them pins get set
but the powers that be
aint got nothing on
you and me

they don't know joy, they don't know fun
least not how good we get it done
you crack me up, you fill my cup
and when I'm wrong you let me know what's up
we're getting by, side by side
we gonna take everything in stride
come what may, you'll see
nothing standing but
you and me

when I'm feeling down, like I wanna quit
I think on my folks and my friends
they wouldn't leave no note, just up and split
leave me alone in this filth to tread
it's sink or swim, you float my boat
and together we gonna row row row
we might be lost at sea
but we're sailing on
you and me


from Getting Low, released July 14, 2015
Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Didier Leplae at Mathwiz Music Studio
Mastered by David Gelting

Guitar and Voice - Jonathan Burks
Tuba - David Cusma
Drums - Nathan Kilen
Guitar - Didier Leplae

album art image is by Ken Hodges via the NASA/Ames Research Center:




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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