WSP 266 Box of Sentimental Items

from Weekly Song Project v3 by Jonathan Burks



I'm in the process of digitizing old four-track cassette tapes and throwing away photos, bar-napkin poetry, and decades old letters from pissed girlfriends. That's where my head is at with this song.


thumbing thru the choices and the noise that I made
in the naive bliss of my younger days
those we're mixed up times
every fence was wet with paint

reading old letters that I never sent
all coffee stains, ashes and regret
some kinds of folds
time just don't unbend

no kind of good judgment in there to be found
I profaned every inch of secular and holy ground

I picked up the pieces
I got lucky, I moved on
and crashed it all, repeat and on and on
dumb luck only favors dummies for so long

no kind of good judgment in there to find
I taking away a lesson or two and leaving the rest behind

swept up the goodness
up the sweetness I been shown
it's with me now everywhere I go
etched in the rings cross what's been clear cut from my soul


from Weekly Song Project v3, track released July 24, 2017
recorded on a Zoom h2 by me in my kitchen on Fratney St.

July 24th, 2018




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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