WSP 180 Chill on the Hill [2016]

from Weekly Song Project v2 by Jonathan Burks


Chill on the Hill concert series. Recorded by my Mom on August 16, 2016 in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI.

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This week's song post is the Chill on the Hill concert series in lovely Bay View, MKE. The band and I played there last Tuesday. The weather was great and we had a blast - huge crowd, lot's of kids running around, nice people. This video is a mashup of a few songs, recorded by my Mom. You can check out full length vids of the performance HERE. And if you'd like to hear the concert in full you can do that

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from Weekly Song Project v2, track released August 23, 2016
Jonathan Burks - guitar, singing, songwriting
Dave Cusma - tuba
Didier Leplae - guitar
Nathan Kilen - drums

recorded on a Zoom H2




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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