WSP 174 It's On

from Weekly Song Project v2 by Jonathan Burks



'It's On' originally appeared on my 2010 release, Loudmouth Soup -


roll with the punches
follow my hunches
drink a 6pack for lunch and
smoke that shit all day long

It's me Johny B the honky tonk m.c.
piece of straw in my teeth when i flow fancy free
stoned on the weed and the beer for sure
loose like Willy and haggard like Merle

it's Sunday morning and I'm coming down
damn straight fools can drink up in the brew town
so raise them glasses and put em back
the spatula is raised for a playful slap on the rump

we bring it like that so get up and get down
brew city keep it simple kinda more like a town
fresh and crisp as autumn in the Midwest
Godbless Wisconsin Chicks

working class cause I'm a Milwaukean
8 days a week that's how we be rocking it
life is a bitch a switch a flicker in the darkness
it's cold and heartless but it's on

it's on

we keep it loose we keep it country
them city gooses taste a little bit funky
go ahead and savour the gamey flavor
aint no shame in this piss poor behavior

everyone's talkin bout a stimulus package
i'm down at Lake Park hunting fowl with a hatchet
life is a bitch a switch a flicker in the darkness
it's cold and heartless but it's on

it's on


from Weekly Song Project v2, track released July 5, 2016
featuring Joe Peschio, Nick Westfahl, Marc Luther Paul, Dan Boyles and Jacob Sutrick

recorded by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

here's some pro tips:

1) Keep a scream journal. Scream into a camera or microphone at least once a day. Any word or sound will work. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" seems to work for me.

2) Dance for 5 minutes daily. Dance on the way to the bathroom or kitchen. Dance as ugly as you can.

3) Make funny faces. Sit in front of a mirror and get strange.
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