WSP 166 Motivational Blues

from Weekly Song Project v2 by Jonathan Burks



recorded on a Zoom H2 in my kitchen on Fratney St.


I got nothing left to take that won't fit on my frame
I've given it all away
I aint holding nothing but a guitar and a song
and a little something something hey hey

I don't want what can't fit in my lungs
give me some room to breathe and a bit of that indica

meow super trooper I'm a real Roto-Rooter
chewing thru till I get unstuck
dirt in my teeth, chasing grit with elbow grease
got a gullet full of sticks and mud

I'm going to bite off more than I can chew
that's how you find out just what you can get thru

I aint sitting on my hands, no if buts or ands
I aint praying on my knees
getting down to work, inspiration is for jerks
the muse aint the boss of me

I'm going to try and fail and fail and try some more
until I get at that getting at I'm searching for

aint sitting on my duff, got a bug in my butt
busting hump every day
luck is for chumps, these hands fist pump
my fingers don't cross they bang

I don't want what I didn't earn
that candle's got more surface to burn


from Weekly Song Project v2, track released May 3, 2016




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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