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WSP 093 Stuck in Asheville

from Weekly Song Project v1 by Jonathan Burks



This song was originally called, "The Night I Learned To Clog". I changed the title to clarify that the song is set in "Asheville" and not "Nashville". It sounds like I'm saying "Nashville" but I've never been there.

When I was 22 I quit my job on a whim and got a one-way ticket to Asheville, NC. I had enough money for a roundtrip ticket to someplace close or a one-way ticket somewhere a bit further. A friend had just moved to Asheville so I thought I'd check it out, figuring I would have a place to stay. She was surprised but not thrilled to see me so I stayed a night or two and left, planning to hitch-hike back to Milwaukee. I made my way to a highway ramp but it started raining and nobody was picking me up, so I walked back into town and stopped at the first bar I saw.

(insert song narrative)

The next day I made a second attempt at hitching out of town. Over the next two weeks I got rides from 17 different people and only made it to Kentucky. I had to ask my ex-girlfriend to wire me money for a bus ticket to get me the rest of the way home.


I was stuck down in Asheville
and I didn't have a place to stay
I was walking around looking for a bridge to keep me dry from the rain
I was feeling frustrated my back and feet were sore
just then I heard some bluegrass music coming through an open door
I didn't have much money but I bought a beer anyway
and all my troubles were soothed as them fiddles played
just then a friend walked in, one I never met before
but I knew she was a friend of mine by the way she walked across the floor
she sat down next to me and ordered a drink from the bar
I was snacking on complementary trail mix, glad to be in from the rain
we struck up a little conversation about this and that, the weather and such
I was contemplating my strange and pleasant sudden change of luck
she said "I love dancing”
I said "I do too”
she said "it's my mission in life”
I said "mine too”
she said "must be your destiny to dance with me tonight”
I blushed in the face, I was a little bit nervous and it was alright
I saw her watching the band and her feet started to move
I saw the way she could hardly contain herself without busting loose
she asked me if I knew how to clog
I said "no I never heard that move”
all you do is STOMP YOUR FEET
honey there aint no rules
all you do is STOMP YOUR FEET
honey there aint no rules
I went outside to smoke a cigarette and get up some nerve
and when I came back into the place
I was dancing with her
we were dancing together, not exactly in a romantic way
more like two Jedi Knights on a mission from outer space
everybody else in the room was still and stiff as a board
but we were having so much fun soon it spread like butter getting warm
a few funloving gyrations can spread some good vibrations
and pretty soon everybody in the room had the boogaloo flu and they got up to groove
I looked at her, she looked at me
gave here a high five as she said to me
BOY you know how to clog, who you fooling


from Weekly Song Project v1, released September 1, 2014
recorded by Colin Gagon at Herzog




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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