WSP_0254_Through Line

from by Jonathan Burks



everyone knows that live ain't fair
sometimes it seems there ain't no rhyme
or reason to the heavy handed
random handing out of sad shit

it's a cruel and stupid world
chuck full of fear and hurt
the only truth in the end is
we all do some suffering

it's a good and perfect world
that gave us her
sometimes the game is not to win
but to se the thing through to the end

it's a cold and common hurt
everywhere like dirt
the thing that unites us in the end
is the through line of our suffering


from Weekly Song Post, track released April 24, 2018
recorded by Didier Leplae at Math Whiz on March 3rd, 2018

words and music by Jonathan E Burks

video source:




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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