WSP_0205_Holding Pattern [rough mix]

from by Jonathan Burks



lately my mouth don't do nothing but whine
need to sharpen the edges of my battle cry
I got one foot rooted in the mess I'm in
and the other one moving on, I'm spreading thin

blade to the path, I don't chiromance
got a read on the backside of the task at hand
I'm catching lumps taking it on the chin
most times where you're at aint where you're trying to get

I fall to pieces like Humpty Dump
the hunch in my back is packed with psychic junk
I'm sweeping up, sorting wants and needs
I aint trying to keep what don't fit up my sleeve

rebuilding the backend, updating the code
rearranging the furniture up in my dome
I'm YouTubing yoga, stretching my limbs
expanding my reach till I'm handling it

drop a line in the water, you catch a boot sometimes
resistance and dead weight are not too hard to find
fish in a barrel aint no fun to eat
I'm seven seas deep, harpoon tucked in my teeth

a head that's liquid has got some give
what slips through the cracks parts for the fin
flash in the pan evaporates quick
it's the grease on the grill that makes the fire stick


from Weekly Song Post, released September 1, 2014
Jonathan Burks - voice and guitar
Didier Leplae - guitar
Nathan Kilen - drums
Dave Cusma - horns

recorded by Didier Leplae




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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