WSP_0179_Drink My Mind

from by Jonathan Burks



Weekly Song Post number 179
'Drink My Mind'
outtake from my 2006 release, Bones of the Tree

I promised some new new songs but I've been still dealing landlord issues, cramping my recording style. So here's another Bones of the Tree outtake. Hope you've been enjoying these. If you've never heard the album Bones of the Tree you can do that HERE.

Beer in my neighborhood used to be cheap as F. You could go out with a $20 bill and drink 10 one dollar Blatz and still tip a buck a beer like a boss.

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lord have mercy on my wicked soul
it keeps taking me places I don't want to go again
things that I've said and things that I've done
they wont leave me alone

I'm going out tonight, gonna drink my mind
and look at the ladies looking so nice
this space and this time they are mine to fill
got a restless heart and a twenty dollar bill

one dollar short and two steps behind
I try and I try but can't seem to walk no straight line
a fate and a path they get bent like a back
so I just try to stand up as straight as I can

got an itch in me that I cant seem to scratch
short on patience and short on cash
'there's floor space at my place
if you need somewhere to crash'
darling you bet I said as she slid off my lap


from Weekly Song Post, track released August 9, 2016
recorded by Colin Gagon at Herzog




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