WSP_0094_Water Sign

from by Jonathan Burks



This song was originally called, "The Night I Learned To Clog". I changed the title to clarify that the song is set in "Asheville" and not "Nashville". It sounds like I'm saying "Nashville" but I've never been there.
When I was 22 I quit my job on a whim and got a one-way ticket to Asheville, NC. I had enough money for a roundtrip ticket to someplace close or a one-way ticket somewhere a bit further. A friend had just moved to Asheville so I thought I'd check it out, figuring I would have a place to stay. She was surprised but not thrilled to see me so I stayed a night or two and left, planning to hitch-hike back to Milwaukee. I made my way to a highway ramp but it started raining and nobody was picking me up, so I walked back into town and stopped at the first bar I saw.

(insert song narrative)

The next day I made a second attempt at hitching out of town. Over the next two weeks I got rides from 17 different people and only made it to Kentucky. I had to ask my ex-girlfriend to wire me money for a bus ticket to get me the rest of the way home.


mine is a water sign
I get wet, I get dry
it's all just a state of mind
mine is a water sign
full moon is high
I feel the pull of the tide
levee's busted open wide
flooding this old heart of mine
liquid is light
I seen 'em both in her eyes
in the folds of her mind
in the soul of her thighs
I feel the pull of the tide
it cuts like ice
carving up this glacial night
opening up the great divide
swimming in the mystery
fishing 'neath a shady tree
sipping from a slippery stream
rolling like a stone across the belly of the beast
in the mystery
sitting on a fallen tree
slithering through the swampy weeds
skipping like a stone
washing up on the beach
there's a path, there's a current
viciously determined
frothing and churning
raw meat in the broth of learning
soft curve of a wave
cuts like a knife
washing away and rearranging the lines of a life
the bones of a man fold and crumble like sand
in the palm of a plan
in the ducts and channels of a hand


from Weekly Song Post, track released September 15, 2014
recorded by Colin Gagon at Herzog in 2005




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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