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Red Pulpy Mess

from Red Pulpy Mess by Jonathan Burks



I really did fall and split my
knee when I was a kid. I
have the scar to prove it. We
were camping and I was
running on gravel and fell.
Don't ask me why there was
gravel in the woods at this
campground but there was.
After I fell, I looked down at my
wound (before the blood started
gushing out) and I swear I saw
something green. Muscle tissue?
I suppose it's more likely there
was a leaf or something stuck to
it. Anyway, I saw green in my
knee, dark olive green. An olive is what
I thought I saw there, in my
knee. In the moment before the
blood started gushing, and my
mom started screaming, I
theorized that when
we ate food it traveled around
our bodies, under our skin, before it
dissolved. And I tried to
remember if I had eaten an
olive that day.


oh, woe is me I've fallen in love
or shall we say love has fallen on me
I passed up my chance to get out of it's way
now I'm a red pulpy mess

I was entranced by the incredible speed
love was coming towards me
my fatal mistake was not getting out of it's way
now I'm a red pulpy mess

I'm bleeding my heart out
busted wide open
cut up and broken
lord I'm a red pulpy mess

sitting, waiting by the phone
supposing it maybe might ring
wishing and praying, hoping it don't
that would be the final blow for sure

yes I guess I've been through this before
but it only seems to get worse
the closer you hold your hand to the flame
the more the flesh blisters and burns

once when I was five I fell down and cried
busted my knee wide open
and when I was nine I went too fast down a slide
and got my right arm broken

yeah that was bad but this is much worse
the heart is so hard to mend
but I don't believe in playing it safe
lord I'm a red pulpy mess


from Red Pulpy Mess, track released October 26, 2010
Recorded at Howl Street by Shane Hochstetler. Mastered at Mystery Room by Justin Perkins. Jonathan Burks - Voice and Guitar, Joe Pescio - Guitar, Nick Westfahl - Piano, Marc Luther Paul - Bass, Jacob Sutrick - Guitar, Dan Boyles - Drums, Allen Cote - Lapsteel




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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