Getting Wasted

from by Jonathan Burks



bottle of wine deep
running on 4 hours of sleep
instead of getting a bite to eat I tottered to the bar
and got blasted out of my mind,so wicked so divine
now my body feels so dirty but my mind is clean

a friend ran into me there
falling out of my bar chair
when closing time arrived she offered me a ride
I gave her a hug goodnight
said 'darlin you're alright'
fumbled with my keys and stumbled up the stairs

getting wasted, getting drunk
getting lit and all tore up
it aint good but that don't bother me none
once in awhile you gotta let loose the reins
run wild with the joy and the pain
dumb down that stuffy brain and have some fun

it aint cool the way I live
let me be clear folks and friends
I do the best I can but I'm a flawed man
my role in this model aint glue
it's more like a stompin shoe
the pieces just make more sense to me
when i'm smashed

this world is one of woe
this life it aint no joke
it's as dear to me as all the good people i've known
if you see me at the corner bar
eyes glazed, drinking hard
it aint cause i hate this life
I love it so


from Brown Paper Bag, track released January 1, 2009




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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