Get a Rise

from by Jonathan Burks



I try to do right and be good
still sometimes I don't act like I should
and the way I'm feeling right now
I'm bound to do wrong and how

when the moon is high
the tide is bound to rise

and who am I to flow against the flood
and damn the path that is my blood
this river runs ragged and low
that's just how it rolls

when it rains it pours
and when it pours
the shoreline tends to rise

gonna make like a wave and ride
gonna float my boat on alcohol
and let the rip-tide be my guide
I'm going out and in
all around and back again

like a phoenix from a neon nest
hell yes I'm gonna rise

and who am I to blow against the sin
and cling to the leaf that is this skin
there's a cold breeze tugging at my coat sleeve
begging me adrift

when the wind is high
dust and debris
they get a rise


from Red Pulpy Mess, track released October 26, 2010
Recorded at Howl Street by Shane Hochstetler. Mastered at Mystery Room by Justin Perkins. Jonathan Burks - Voice and Guitar, Joe Pescio - Guitar, Nick Westfahl - Piano, Marc Luther Paul - Bass, Jacob Sutrick - Guitar, Dan Boyles - Drums




Jonathan Burks Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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